This section should answer your questions concerning commissions as well as inform you about my rules.

What type of commissions do I create
Important Rules
Step by step procedure

What type of commissions do I create?

I illustrate and animate nearly everything. Though I specialize in creating fetish, NSFW and adult themed art, I also draw G-rated and humorous stuff.

What I don’t do: explicit imagery of underage characters and most scat themed art

Ask me if you are unsure, I wont bite ^^

Important rules (which may be obvious, but just in case)
  1. I do not own the rights or license to any of the characters used in the fan art or fanimations.
  2. I also do not own the rights to original characters you created, but I do own the copyright to the created piece you commissioned or requested.
  3. You may use the illustration as you please, as long as you do not use it commercially or alter it in any way. Do not remove disclaimers, watermarks or signatures.
  4. If you’d like me to create something you want to use commercially, contact me directly by email.
  5. I also own the rights to my own original characters and work, so no stealing, please. If you decide to create fan art from one of my characters or creations, heck, go wild! In that case, the same rules apply to your creative work as it does to mine! Feel free to send a copy, a link, tag me or whatever. Thanks!
  6. Prices depend on complexity of your commission. You can check the prices here, and if you’re still unsure, feel free to contact me.
  7. The time it will take to finish a commission depends on complexity and the waiting list.
  8. I will use commissioned art for promotional purposes. Your name or handle will not be used anywhere, don’t worry. If you’d like to keep your commission private, let me know. Also let me know if you want to be credited and how.
  9. Any personal data and all provided download links will be deleted 10 days after completion of your commission. I don’t collect your data, nor will I use any of your provided information to spam you or do anything else creepy or annoying. For updates and news on Quazar check by my homepage or my DA profile.
  10. I backup my work. If you somehow “lose” your commission you can drop me a line with the identification number and I’ll resend it. I cannot guarantee though, that nothing will ever happen to the files… because, shit happens.
  11. I reserve the right to deny any request or commission without further explanation.
Step by step procedure
  1. Please provide all necessary info that are important to you (all characters, background, poses, angles, text, color, clothing, props, weather, time of day, filetype, desired resolution etc.). I will check with you if there are questions or lack of clarity, but the more information I get the better I can realize your vision. You can also let me take personal liberties, just be sure to check if everything is the way you want it to be before I go into the finalization process.
  2. I’ll confirm to you that I am starting on the draft or let you know on what date I will begin and how much time I will need. Your commission will get an identification number which is used for the waiting list and my accounting. 
  3. I will sketch out the motif and upload it to a password protected commission page for you to approve. If you see something in the sketch that you want changed, let me know. This includes anything except camera angles or poses. You can also add things, but they can generate additional costs. If there are changes in price I will always give you a heads-up first, so you can opt in or out.
  4. If you want to opt out of a commission fully, this is the latest point to do so. Is that the case, please be so kind and do let me know. I am very understanding and won’t bite, I promise. But I will get angry if you just disappear without a word. Give me a short explanation as of why you decided to cancel the commission. If you feel like it, I always appreciate a small tip or donation for my troubles.
  5. If everything is in order I will send you a Paypal invoice. If it’s a small commission (with one approval run) it will be the full amount. If it’s a large project (with several acceptance runs) the amount can be split in to several installments if requested. The commission on the invoice is always labeled as “Quazar. custom design”. If you want other or additional info on the receipt, let me know.
  6. As soon as I get the payment confirmation from PayPal I will start on the finalization. Be sure to check the provided draft thoroughly and get back to me with any changes before the payment goes out.
  7. After finalizing your commission, I will upload it in high resolution to your commission page. If you have any preference considering filetype, size and/or resolution, please let me know before I start to finalize the commission (at the latest!)
  8. Check the finalized commission and get back to me within ten days if you see any mistakes. I will not make any extensive changes unless it is renegotiated. I’ll do small touch-ups for free.
  9. No refunds, except if I’ve received your payment but wasn’t able to finalize your commission due to some accident, sickness or other grave incident or if I totally botched the piece and you can clarify where I went wrong.