I’m working hard on my new Q.Club page and will officially launch it tomorrow!

Currently I’m adding all comics, commissions and whatnot to the platform, and it’s hella lot, lol! Damn, I didn’t realize how busy I was the past few months, despite the recent downtimes. Currently, I’m counting 50 posts, and I’m nowhere near finished, heh.

I am also starting to delete content on Patreon today and adjust all my channels accordingly, but it probably will take a while to complete all modifications on my images and animations (especially the descriptions and links on DeviantArt). Tbh, my heart is somewhat breaking, seeing the number of Patrons steadily going down. I understand of course, but aw man, it sucks.

Hopefully the dust will settle during the upcoming week and I can finally take a breather and concentrate once again on creating rather than putting out fires and administrating websites and social medias.

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