I just received an email from Patreon that my profile is violating guidelines. Hoo-boy, I just can’t seem to catch a break.

Okay, let’s see what the problem is…

Per our guidelines, we have zero tolerance for the glorification of sexual violence, and this includes non-consensual sex, depictions of sexualized minors, incest, and bestiality. 

Oh… okay, I guess I could abstain from posting the breath-play illustrations… and add an additional disclaimer to any image that could possibly show a minor (although I always draw adult versions and have cemented that rule in my commission info). Also, idk where they’re taking the incest from, but I digress.

Finally, vore content is allowed as long as it is completely consensual, with both parties involved. Regardless of the form the character takes, such as a strawberry or human form, the scene needs to be consensual and non-violent. The problem with several of your posts was that they showed the characters being consumed while they weren’t happy in the situation. If the prey wants to be eaten, this is totally fine!

Um. So, here’s the catch-22. For me, peril plays a large part in vore, as well as in other fetishes. I see it as role play and acting (on both sides). I do know of people who walk this thin line between sexy-times and utter horror for real and while it’s their decisions to make, I abstain from such dangerous undertakings. Consent and safewords all the way, baby!

But it doesn’t end there. Remember what the comic is about? It’s targeted towards vore fetish, and it’s about Dr. Smitty who is constantly in danger. She’s not enjoying herself each time she gets swallowed by something, as it would kinda kill off the suspense and adventure storyline. She’s in danger, she is scared, and she wants to get off that island and certainly not devoured – even if it’s kinda obvious that she will be, several times during the story. I actually don’t want to change anything, as the script is written out and involves more vore and hilarious scenes of characters being gulped up. And I’m pretty sure that they’re not going to be happy about it.

Please remove this type content from your page and let me know when you have done so — if you have any questions during this process, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m happy to help.

So where does that leave me? In a bad spot, actually. I’ve decided to do fetish arts, because I myself feel comfortable in this scene. I can understand where the Patreon Crew is coming from, and I agree that public posts shouldn’t show nudity or sexual content (which I admit I did, thinking it was well hidden behind the 18+ warnings and all), or that minors shouldn’t be depicted.

But if I remove the other content that they’ve mentioned, the page will be quite barren, and I’m really worried about the comic. Look, I’m not trying to sell it off as fine art – it’s porn involving vore and non-consensual acts, I know it, you know it. But the comic lives from perilous vore. Hopefully, that at least will be spared…

Finally, regarding your question about vore, the answer is yes, the vore guidelines apply to the comic too.

Goddammit!! Jup, I actually received a list of posts to delete and vore-rules to follow. A loooong list. Patreon, y u doin this now? Couldn’t it have waited another week or two? Fine. Begrudgingly, I agree to do the editing.

What will happen now, you ask? Well look at that, I already did something: I built a brand spankin’ new subscription page similar to Patreon in more or less three days. Yeah, I am that awesome. Currently I am beta-testing and filling up all the content that is currently available on Patreon, and more. I will also inform my Patrons this weekend (while deleting content and silently crying), as soon as the page is ready to be checked out for really reals.

So, if you want to continue reading the comic and see commissions without the censorship, you should definitely be switching to the new page. I’ll give more updates and infos in the next two to three days (during Pentecost). I will also offer Coupons to Patrons to make the transition as easy as possible. Obviously, there will be more content on the new page, and I’m really not quite sure how to continue with my Patreon account. But I do suggest you cancel your subscription and change to my new platform.

Stay tuned for more news coming these next few days. And once more, I will get back to everybody concerning any questions and commissions, too. Thanks for sticking with me, it’s a frustrating and exhausting time.

One thought on “Update: Wut? Patreon, nooooo

  1. Hey dude, I didn’t realize that Patreon canned you without warning. I’m still being charged by them for some cosmically stupid reason 🙁
    But I haven’t heard from you since you messaged me on Discord, how are things?

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