Hey everyone! Big thank you’s to everybody who reached out to me the past few days, I really appreciate it.

It’s just crazy how my life is going right now. The last weeks have been exhausting due to all the issues I’m dealing with. I write a blogpost to keep you all up to date, but my situation changes so quickly, that I often have to scrap the draft only a few hours later. And it happened again on Wednesday.

I had applied for an old job I did a few years back, cruddy work and terrible pay, but still, a steady income. I actually got a call-back and all. Happy, I decided to let you all know that I’m out of financial hot water and could return to creating soon, depending on my shifts and such.

But again, much changed within 24 hours. I received a late-night call from a peer who also owns a production company, and he offered me a job. Hot damn, you guys! I didn’t expect something like this at all and again I got completely thrown off guard, lol. And with that, my drafted update was turned obsolete once again.

So yeah, basically I am coming back! Although, I did learn some hard lessons the last few weeks. I was too ambitious with doing so many comic pages and updates per week, all the while juggling commissions, my pets, my large family and my company. It worked at first but was very arduous to keep up, as you have surely noticed. Especially if something like the flu, or accounting came in to play it would totally throw me off.

I’ve decided to cut the comic down to four black and white, and one colored page per month. I personally find this solution better than raising the prices and it will hopefully give me more time to do WIP, sketches and ultimately animations again, too. I’m also putting a maximum cap on commissions, so that I don’t get overwhelmed with work.

Unfortunately, my issues with my business, office and clients haven’t just vanished, so there’s still some shit I have to deal with. But the pressure isn’t as big anymore and I feel that I can finally take a cautious breather.

It’s “funny” how things can go sometimes. Just a few days ago I was probably at one of my lowest points in my entire life, questioning my decisions and whatnot. And then, everything changed 180° and I honestly feel kinda dizzy 😀

So, hoping that I didn’t just jinx the whole thing with my optimism, I will return to creating Quazar, and merge it with my existing company. I’m starting the new job in August, and if all goes well, I will still be able to work part-time, giving me some space and time to concentrate on Quazar too. ^^

Ooo, I got an email from Patreon, let’s see what it’s about…

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