Hello everyone and thank you once again for your patience and concerns! I am not dead, although I feel like it, after working four days of comic con.

I thought I would be able to use some time outside of the convention to work on my other tasks, but as you can imagine, it was nearly impossible and my everyday life ground to a halt.

It’s not my first con with a booth, but I’m still learning important things. Planning and preparation of the event weren’t too bad, but there’s so much more I could improve to cut down on time wasted. I think I spent around half of the time trying to get our godforsaken printer to work, sml.

I’m back at the drawing board now and will hopefully be able to continue without any hiccups along the road. Once again, I apologize and ask you be patient with me as I catch up on everything. During the next 24 hours I will contact everybody who is waiting for me to reply or send drafts. I also have to maintain some of my online channels, and you may have noticed that my SSL certificate has expired. The new one hasn’t been activated due to an error and I’m still looking for it with the providers support. T_T

I am also going to make some changes concerning commissioning and posting. Don’t worry if you’re my Patron – most of them are done to make sure I can stay true to my timetable on Patreon, so the upcoming alterations will, in fact, be beneficiary.

But for my fam on DeviantArt and homepage visitors this means I’m going to have to limit the commissions I take on per month. I’m worried that I will bite off too much than I can chew and the duration to complete a commission will inflate even more.

So, what does that mean? I am going to link a Google form to reserve a spot for the current month. As I still have catching up to do with open commissions, I will post the link for May on Monday, 20th. Until then, commissions are temporarily closed.

If you contacted me before the 1st of May, your commission spot is secured. Feel free to reach out if you are unsure what that means for your inquiry.

Also, the free version of the current comic is taking a little break until I’m back on track with everything. Dr. Smitty, the Huntress and Yaotl will return to DeviantArt and quazar.space on the 21st of May ^^

Why am I doing this? As I mentioned before, I want to make time to be consistent in my schedules and not get into hot water again, having to postpone the comic or neglect my posts. The thing I am currently disliking most is how I estimate a deadline with you guys, and how awfully belated I actually upload drafts and finished commissions. I hate to appear so unreliable and I am hoping to reinstate your faith in me and my work.

Then, there’s the financial aspect. It’s not a comfortable topic, but a necessary one. I am very thankful for how Quazar. developed the last few months and with your support and awesomeness I realized that I should have started this much earlier – it fulfills my need to create other things than I do in my daytime job, to create art I myself truly care for. I hope it is obvious in my work – I literally loose myself in detail in each and every creation. Unfortunately, I still rely heavily on my other job to make ends meet. Currently I’m trying to find a healthy balance between the two.

Another reason is (and this will hopefully make you happy to hear), that I am planning to do a new Request Time! in the near future. This is the personal part why I’m limiting my time – currently doing something like this wouldn’t be possible or reasonable. But since I really enjoy doing these, I want to carry out “Request Time” every now and then, on my own time.

I won’t say when exactly it will start, and no, I can’t notify anyone beforehand, as that would be unfair to everybody else. Obviously, it’s not going to be this month, see the reasons above. But here’s the setup: 10 slots will be available for my Patrons, fully colored and shaded, all motifs accepted (commissioning rules apply).

5 slots will be opened on DeviantArt and another 5 on my homepage. These will be rendered in black and white and will have some limitations (no OC’s, one slot per person etc.). So, keep those eyes peeled ^^

Last but not least, I want to thank my current Patrons and commissioners for their incredible countenance and I totally understand if you are losing your patience with me. As I mentioned before I will reply to everybody within 24 hours. If I fail to do so, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or want updates on your commissions. I am sure we can work things out 🙂

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