Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. ^^

Much is going on at the moment, and I am working hard on all the commissions, extra requests and prompts as well as my Patreon. As my daytime job is also a hand full right now I ask you to be a little patient if you’re waiting for drafts and art. It’ll be ready soon, I promise 🙂 

<Start plea> I’m still hoping that my work gets a little more funding, so I can assign time to creating Quazar. Please consider being my Patron, or follow me and tell some friends. It is highly appreciated :3 </End plea>

BTW! I’ve put up a Valentines Day poll on my DA account. Head over to vote on the pairing you’d like to see! I know it’s short notice, and it’ll only stay open until February 14th, 8 a.m. UTC… since Valentines Day is tomorrow and all ^^

Then, I am going crazy with all kinds of ideas and stories! Man, I wish I could work on several different things at the same moment. I’ve started working on the first episode of a web series, but one that is more focused on humor and silliness than sexy fun times. But fear not, I’m also working on concept art for a second series. It will be an interactive Hentai/fetish production, so watch out world! I was also thinking about doing a regular comic strip consisting of mostly dirty and funny fan art. More news on that as soon as I’ve developed it some more ^^ 

<Start plea>Please fund my work so I can dive into these projects without having to fear starvation!</End plea>

More news tomorrow ^^ Bu-bye for now.



2 thoughts on “February News

    1. Not sure if I understand correctly 🙂 but the interactive project will definitely go up on Patreon first, as it’s quite the extensive work with programing and all ^^

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